Early stage advisors with a deep appreciation of the entrepreneurial journey

Converge Advisors and Associates (CAA) was formed to advise organisations on strategy and finance. We blend learning from today’s pioneers and innovators with the intellectual rigour of strategic and financial models developed over decades. The most relevant strategic and financial concepts and models are selected on a case by case basis and applied iteratively.

We assist you in planning, fundraising, creating and iterating a relevant & timely business proposition. We then help you select & target a relevant market. Or to put it another way, we allow you to select from many of the service offerings which would sit within a strategy boutique and a small investment bank.

In order to bring the relevant expertise to bear, Converge Advisors and Associates draw on a facilitated network of digital natives with a deep appreciation of the entrepreneurial journey. We incorporate respected entrepreneurial reference points including lean principles, agile development methodologies, the business model canvas, design thinking, and a bias for action based on validated learning.

Over the long term, CAA intends to become the organisation of choice for leaders and businesses which dare to challenge the status quo. 

Early stage advisors who know entrepreneurs

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