Converge Advisors and Associates (CAA) was formed to address a significant entrepreneurial gap in the London technology eco-system. After experiencing difficulties in trying to move projects from the planning stage to execution around 2005-2011, Kash formed CAA to address this particular pain point. Entrepreneurial teams and individuals require counsel and guidance to plan and execute effectively and who better to act as a guide than someone who has been in their position. Our belief is that this combination of entrepreneurial, strategic and financial knowledge is pivotal to driving change and innovation in early stage organisations.

Early stage advisors fit for purpose

Kash Reid-Bashir

Since 2005, CAA founder, Kash has been a core part of the technology ecosystem in London either attempting to create traction with startup ventures or advising early-stage businesses.

If you engage CAA, you will have direct contact with Kash. Kash is currently seeking a set of co-founders to create a management team at CAA.

Kash is fascinated by technology, strategy, entrepreneurship and finance.


Kash Reid-Bashir, Founder Director & CEO

Converge Advisors and Associates was founded by Kash Reid-Bashir, an independent, management consultant and financier with extensive fundraising, digital strategy, and finance experience. Kash has worked with a diverse set of businesses in the Fintech, Insurtech, Media, Technology and Telecoms sectors. Kash has previously been part of Booz Allen Hamilton, Thomson Reuters, Haymarket Publishing and FTSE (a Pearson / London Stock Exchange joint venture). Kash studied Accountancy (BAcc Hons) at Dundee University and Public Administration & IT (MPA) at Liverpool University prior to qualifying as an accountant (ACMA) in 1999. In 2003, Kash graduated from the full-time MBA program at Cranfield School of Management.

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