Converge Advisors and Associates (CAA) core offerings include Fundraising, Strategic Review and Financial Review.


Fundraising is considered one of the most challenging aspects of entrepreneurial endeavour in early-stage organisations.

We assist entrepreneurial teams to evaluate and develop a strong sense of the various sources of funding available at all stages of the funding cycle.

CAA create the conditions for entrepreneurs to reconsider their business model with an approach to funding that seeks to explore all sources of funding including conventional (e.g. Venture Capital) and more contemporary forms of financing.

More conventional sources of funding we explore with entrepreneurial teams include:

Equity and Debt

More contemporary sources of funding we explore include:

  • Matchmaker Models
  • Pay in Advance
  • Subscription Models
  • Scarcity Models
  • Product as a service
  • Customer Funded Models

Strategic Review

The initial exploration CAA complete can focus on any aspect of your organisation or positioning but the preference is to execute a complete strategic review on an iterative basis alongside continual product improvement.

This approach yields the benefit of integrating constant strategic feedback aligned to your product development effort. We believe this results in the ability to move fast while breaking the least amount of things. The added benefit of this approach is that you take everyone, including potential new investors, with you as you grow.

However, we can work with entrepreneurs on a more abbreviated basis utilising specific constructs like the business model canvas to refine individual elements of a business proposition.

The three main areas we focus on during your strategic review are outlined in the up-close section below.

Financial Review

Financial review forms a core part of the CAA offering for early-stage organisations.

The financial review includes service offerings based on fundraising, business planning & financial modelling, valuation, commercial & financial due diligence, defining and evaluating unit economics, divestment, mergers and acquisitions advice, financial evaluation of potential partnerships and commercial due diligence.

We are also able to define and evaluate the level of financial capability the organisation will require as growth occurs.

The Strategic Review: Up Close

As previously outlined, the strategic review is a dynamic analysis of your positioning as an organisation. The dynamic element is driven by iteration with the opportunity revise strategy at each stage of reinvention. The three main stages explored include strategic visioning, provisioning and assimilation. In summary, when developing and analysing strategy, we seek to reduce complexity and pinpoint a relevant solve to questions based around where to play, how to gain competitive advantage and how to change.

Strategic visioning: Review & Explore

The initial exploration CAA complete can focus on any aspect of your strategy. The strategic visioning stage of the strategic review includes:

  • Strategy
  • Purpose
  • Objectives
  • Management Team & People
  • Proposition
  • Brand, Market & Sales
  • Operations
  • Financial Evaluation: Valuation, Capital Structure, Commercial Due Diligence, Merger, Acquisition and Divestment.


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Strategic Provisioning: Redefine and Augment

Whether CAA are helping you reproduce or develop a business plan or valuation, assess sources of funding, consider a pivot, realign a product strategy or re-evaluate sources of funding, we will ensure that there is complete alignment across the organisation using the customer need as a core point of reference.

At the provisioning stage, we ensure that the culture, people, incentives and technology are in place to deliver on a redefined & augmented strategic norm defined during the visioning phase.

Dynamic Strategy:
The new normal

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Strategic Assimilation: Recurring Assimilation and Implementation

CAA utilise the most relevant strategic models on an iterative basis to enable a dynamic form of analysis with continual assimilation of change. This results in a recurring re-evaluation of organisational effectiveness integrating lessons from agile methodologies and the lean start-up movement. Market feedback is integrated on a ‘live’ basis with the intent to focus on determining and continually adjusting the scale of competitive advantage the organisation is seeking.

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